March 29th, 2013


Vladimir Putin. A champion of free elections.

[the text below is a partial and inadequate translation of my previous post in Russian. The translation is made to serve my own ends you don't necessarily have to know of.

As you know, Putin put forward an idea to install web-cams at polling stations to record and broadcast the course of voting at the elections held on 4th of March 2012. Putin was one of the candidates, so the irony was in the fact that the resultant official footage showed how wide-spread and substantial the fraud in favour of Putin was. A hail of law suits from infuriated citizens ensued. Remarkable though, that in spite of all the irrefutable evidence none of perpetrators was punished or legally prosecuted. Moreover, some of criminals were rewarded. E.g. the chairperson of PEC № 127 Kazan (shown below), has received a "Letter of gratitude" from the Central Election Commission of the RF. So, many people have an undeniable right to consider this Putin's idea as a reckless stupidity that cost billions of roubles.

But the point of the initial post was, contrary to the public view, to fancy this unexpected step of Putin as a noble sacrifice of his political reputation on the altar of free and fair elections. My aim was to award him with a medal "A defender of free elections" that some NGOs hand out twice a year.  Indeed, this endeavour of Putin as an observer has demonstrated that the victory of Putin as a politician was falsified on a grand scale and with total impunity. So it happened that his immense self-conceit allured him to make a step that turned out to be politically suicidal. I think it is our duty to remind him constantly of this dazzling success. For this purpose the medal "A defender of free elections" would be a perfect reminder. ]

  С 10 января 2013 г. начат прием представлений по кандидатурам на медаль «Защитнику свободных выборов». Я решил не оставаться в стороне, скачал официальную форму представления и заполнил. И вот что у меня получилось.

Кстати, награждение состоится 15 февраля в 19:00 Адрес: Москва, Никитский бул., 8а (м. Арбатская). Кинозал Центрального дома журналиста. Вход свободный. Подробнее...

    Там же будет показан долгожданный документальный фильм М. Мускевич "Наблюдатели - это сила". Трейлер фильма...


To the committee of the award of the Medal
«The Defender of Free Elections»
to the Medal "The Defender of Free Elections"
1. Nominator: (that was me)
2. Nominee
Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovich,
address: a state secret; phone: a state secret.
Стоит отметить, что Путин В.В. уже был номинирован на медаль весной 2012 года, но в то время общество лишь начинало осознавать исторический масштаб его поступка. На данный момент, количество и качество собранных благодаря ему доказательств таково, что считаю возможным номинировать его повторно, «по вновь открывшимся обстоятельствам».
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